Expansions to De Grolsch Veste (FC Twente’s stadium)

Type of work
januari 2012 (uitbreiding-L voetbalgereed in september 2008; uitbreiding-U voetbalgereed in september 2011)
Goossen te Pas Bouw (uitbreiding-L); FC Twente (uitbreiding-U)
IAA Enschede
Bouwcombinatie Grolsch Veste VOF (Goossen Te Pas Bouw, Trebbe en Dura)
Winkels Techniek

When a team is searching for quality football joy

The two expansions will allow FC Twente to more than double the capacity of De Grolsch Veste and add many innovative features to the stadium in Enschede. In close collaboration with Bouwcombinatie Uitbreiding Arke Stadion VOF, Winkels Techniek implemented a variety of electrical and mechanical installations in the stadium in a short space of time, from kitchens to a media compound.

Expansion 1: L shape

The Arke Stadion, which was opened in 1998, was expanded for the first time in 2008 with a second ring on both sides. The L shape created here increased the capacity of the stadium from 13,250 to 24,200 seats at the Drienerlo industrial state in Enschede. During this round of expansion, the number of ski boxes was considerably increased and Winkels provided the fan shop and the TOS Businessclub, amongst others, with installations. 

...installations implemented rapidly - without compromising on quality


Arie Zoontjes, project manager of Winkels Techniek, believes that the tight schedule was the biggest challenge during the first round of expansion. “We started on this project in April 2008, with the condition that the stadium would be ‘ready for football’ again on September 13. That’s why we had to implement the installations rapidly without compromising on quality, of course. We managed this, mainly by proactively establishing ourselves as a team and working closely together with the other parties. All parties were willing to do anything for each other without putting a price tag on it.”

Winkels showed understanding, contributed and was flexible.

Competition as a milestone

The fact that it was built during the football season meant an additional scheduling challenge according to delegate client Ben Veenbrink. “Each FC Twente home game was a milestone for our scheduling. For example, managing functioning installations and temporary provisions for safety. Winkels showed understanding, contributed and was flexible, e.g. by making sure that were sufficient technicians who could take action if necessary during games. Although this wasn’t really a problem for most employees,” laughed Veenbrink. 

It was a matter of effective teamwork where we were all able to act quickly.

Open collaboration

Dinand van den Berg, director of Goossen Te Pas Bouw, remembers the good collaboration with Winkels Techniek. “An important factor was the openness towards each other based on a good relationship. The fact that we understand each other well and could both contribute, helped create an effective collaboration in which we could act quickly.”

Winkels deals with matters such as scheduling, planning and implementation professionally and meticulously.

Short lines of communication

Ben Veenbrink also looked back on a collaboration that went well. “Winkels deals with matters such as scheduling, planning and the implementation of work very professionally and meticulously. Agreements were fulfilled and we had short lines of communication; I also had direct contact with the mechanics. This led to a process where no or hardly any problems arose and with wonderful, high-quality results.

Expansion 2: U shape

The stadium was officially opened on 13 September 2008 under the new name ‘De Grolsch Veste”, a reference to the old fortified city of Groenlo, the birthplace of Grolsch. After the second expansion in 2011, where the current U-shape was created, the capacity of the football temple increased to 30,205 seats. This expansion was officially inaugurated on 29 October 2011 and Winkels was responsible for the installations in the Cook & Play restaurant and other areas.

Winkels Techniek is familiar with Design & Build and uses it.

Design & Build

Customer satisfaction and the financial results are key to Dinand van den Berg. “The methods and forms of construction organisation used are decisive and that’s why we pay particular attention to them. At the time of this construction it was a construction team, nowadays this is mainly Design & Build. Winkels Techniek is familiar with Design & Build and uses it. 

Consultation as a factor of success

Arie Zoontjes sees the consultation structure as a key factor in the success of this project. “It was an effective mix of work meetings, coordinating consultations and construction meetings. In addition to planning, the communication on site also went well and we got on with work quickly.”

I appreciate the thoroughness with which Winkels does business.


Van den Berg: “We have worked with Winkels Techniek a lot in the past and are still working together. That’s mainly because Winkels suits our way of working and developing. I’m particularly thinking in terms of quality, reliability, openness and new ideas. In short, the thoroughness with which they do business.”

Dinand van den Berg continued: “I see Winkels as an innovative and proactive partner. They are aware of the latest developments and come up with new ideas and creations. This is essential for making good offers and to be able to build sustainably.”

Technical highlights

Arie Zoontjes: “The result is an ultra-modern sports palace that has a lot of special features in terms of installation technology. We had to deal with unusual disciplines, such as field lighting, cameras and media services.”

An example of a technical highlight is the multifunctional media compound in the parking lot. This is a facility that can direct cars directly to the desired location within the stadium, such as the mixed zone for interviews with players and coaches.


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